Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez creates Alvic’s new showroom in Madrid

Undoubtedly, one of Casa Decor’s keys to success is closely related to its ability to create, promote and encourage creative synergies between professionals and the best companies in the sector that attend our Exhibition. And it is always a source of satisfaction to see how these synergies are consolidated beyond our exhibition spaces.

This is the case of the recent collaboration between the architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez and ALVIC, a Jaen company leader in innovation, manufacturing and distribution of components for the furniture and decoration industry, in the creation of a surprising and unique space , which seeks to become in an emblem for the Contract world and the ALVIC brand.

Hermosilla 77 conceptual space

Open to the public since last February 8, in   Hermosilla 77, in the heart of the Salamanca district,  ALVIC is once again committed to innovation and design, creating a conceptual space together with the architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez who has built a   unique, daring and creative showroom . On this occasion, the architect has been inspired by great figures of art and culture such as the extraordinary artist  Xavier Corberó  and the enigmatic painter  Giorgio de Chirico  for the creation of this iconic space.

Official inauguration

Hermosilla 77  was officially inaugurated on February 15 with an act starring Héctor Ruiz Velázquez himself, where he spoke in detail about the conceptualization of space and the use of ALVIC materials to achieve depth and perspective effects playing with the unique reflection of  LUXE Plus , exclusive material of the brand.

In the words of  Fernando Quijano Puech , Director of Transformation at ALVIC, “Hermosilla 77 makes a dream of the ALVIC Group come true, by creating a space of inspiration and innovation where architects, designers, artists and design lovers can meet and discover the wealth and the versatility of our materials and technologies to create unique projects ”.

For his part,  Hector Ruiz-Velázquez  stressed that “the challenge of the ALVIC space consists of the constructive and plastic play of volumes and planes, highlighting the magnificent qualities of the material and offering an artistic vision of architecture.” The architect already demonstrated the versatility and malleability of this material at Casa Decor 2020 , where he also played with curved lines and designed a visual games scenario with Alvic panels. Without a doubt, the ” Alvic Blue Moon Lounge Bar ” acted as a laboratory of ideas for the projection of this showroom .

Innovation and technology

With an imaginative interplay of connected volumes and an innovative  functional aesthetics of the exhibition space,  this spectacular “wrapper” created by Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez will be a place of encounter, inspiration, worship, work and cooperation for design and architecture professionals. To do this, ALVIC offers designers, architects and interior designers a wide collection of colors, designs and fantasies that set the trend for the coming years. Innovative products that are marketed both in panel format and as a finished piece made to measure and with applications in all types of furniture and decoration.

Ruiz-Velázquez and ALVIC at Casa Decor

In 2017, Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez’s collaboration with ALVIC began at Casa Decor. For the Jaen firm it was their first appearance at the Exhibition. In that edition, the architect would be in charge of designing the ” Ford Vignale Experience ” space, an avant-garde proposal whose main peculiarity was the absence of the car. Through a set of  mirrors on facing walls,  the project winked at the assembly line invented by Hernry Ford in the 1920s.

An experiment between the real and the virtual that covered the lack of the vehicle with a display of light and sound through the appropriate contrast of mirrors and Luxe Pearl Effect White, which thanks to its high brightness achieved a perfect reflection of space and light. The architect himself defined his project as a mystical place where lines converged to unite the machine and the human being and described Luxe by ALVIC as an ideal and impressive material for this type of project thanks to its reflection that makes the spaces multiply .

“Alvic Smart Home”, a loft with a prize

In the Casa Decor 2019 edition, Alvic once again relied on Héctor’s creativity and imagination to give life to a new housing concept that maximized usability and took full advantage of all the features of the Andalusian brand’s materials, creating a type of constructive use totally outside of stereotypes and decorative conventions.

The space became a modern version of  Living-Lounging   where movement and an interest in exploring space in a surprising and dynamic way ran. A sustainable design, a  constructive eco-design model  , which revealed the immense possibilities of transformation and flexibility that the firm’s laminated panels can offer, saving work and finishes.

The perfect collaboration between architect and brand paid off with the obtaining of the 1st Mention of the Jury in the VII Awards for Decoration and Interior Design Casa Decor 2019.

“Alvic Blue Moon Lounge Bar”

After the success obtained with their original and innovative loft concept, in the last edition of Casa Decor 2020  Héctor and the ALVIC firm  were presented with an equally surprising project. The architect designed a  stage for visual games making the most of Luxe Plus high-gloss panels,  full of shades, lights and shadows with artistic inspiration.

The entrance to the space invited the visitor to immerse themselves in an art space, and to participate in it. It was an anteroom where the well-known artistic representation of the brand was repeated on a mural with the different colors of ALVIC panels: Bordeaux, Curry, Pumpkin, Indigo Blue , Seawater  and Pearl Gray from the Luxe Plus collection , a scenography visual, attractive and decorative, which today can be seen at the entrance to the new Madrid showroom with other colors.

With this space, the architect won the Best Professional Design Award for the creation of the “Booths” Modules. The Jury highlighted the achievement of the  three self-supporting modules,  with which a set of horizontal and vertical curves was created that expanded to infinity, generating a  kaleidoscopic vision of space.  A great  risky,  clairvoyant and even foreboding architectural exercise in the new circumstances of social distance.

Photographs: Nacho Uribesalazar.