An innovative, new range of high-pressure laminates; exclusive to Arnold Laver in the UK.This collection is designed to give some indication of the style and quality of materials available from Dekodur, one of Europe’s foremost suppliers of High Pressure Laminate surface finishes.

Dekodur boast one of the world’s largest collection of press-plate finishes, combined with an almost endless supply of raw materials, this means that Dekodur have the capability to produce a laminate out of almost anything. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Dekodur Specialist Laminates

Dekodur has consistently upheld its vision of continually offering surprising innovations to customers. Dekodur began by producing laminated panels made from melamine resin, then it became the first manufacturer to produce laminates with real metal surfaces in the 1960s.
Dekodur produce the world’s first CO2-neutral high pressure laminate free of formaldehyde and phenols. Translucent laminated panels as well as surfaces covered with real gold leaf, fig tree bark or glass open up a wide spectrum of uses, including claddings for walls or ceilings, doors or frames, furniture, company nameplates, counters and displays as well as fitting out shops, bars, restaurants, trade-fair stands, ships and railway carriages etc