Get creative with laminate surfaces

Ideas that stick: magnetic laminates

Dekodur Distil’s magnetic laminate surfaces allow magnetic objects to adhere firmly thanks to a special embedded core. These multipurpose laminates add functionality to the interior spaces in residential or commercial sectors. Offering writing and painting options, they are an excellent platform for creativity and expression at home or at work. In addition, the matt surface can be used as a projection wall. The magnetic laminates are available in matt or gloss finish, with a choice of coloured (white, black, tank green) or raw texture. They come in sizes of 4 by 8 feet, with 4 by 10 feet on an indent basis.

Leave no marks with Magic Touch

Dekodur Distil’s Magic Touch supermatt laminates are sleek and beautiful, yet highly functional and durable, a choice material for the modern, sophisticated interior. They offer smart features such as anti-fingerprint, as well as impact and abrasion resistance. Magic Touch is ideal for horizontal and vertical applications in high traffic areas that demand superior performance. Available in seven colours (Alabaster, Anthracite, Bianco, Cosmos, Merlot, Nero and Nude), they come in two sizes: 4 by 8 feet and 4 by 10 feet.

About the company

Armed with fresh perspectives, Catalyste has set benchmarks in the laminate industry with leading interior surface brands such as Lamitak, O2, Dekodur Distil and Alvic. With innovative products like sleek decorative metal laminates, anti-fingerprint and magnetic functionalities, the company provides ideal solutions for every visual aspiration. For more information, please visit or email